The whole compilation wasn’t complete, but here are the ones I drew.

Melchor Hall UP Eng'g Bldg

(Where) Melchor Hall – UP Engineering Building

This is where I first met Rey Jason Limyu, first saw Mark Philip Pancho and first felt the ‘UP spirit’…

Cheers for Marlon, I miss you so!. (I was with marlon then, you see..)


It was the first day for UP-DOST SOEP 2001 (University of the Philippines-Department of Science and Technology Summer Orientation Enrichment Program) and all the new scholars were gathered inside the Theatre of Melchor Hall.

The guy sitting on my right suddenly spoke to me and asked me if i have a pencil. I was so cheeky then that I told him that I do not know him yet and so he must first introduce himself to me. And so he did. Then it was my turn to say my name. After that he asked me again if i have a pencil and I told him I don’t. It was my first conversation with RJ. A day after I saw him at UPIS and he wasn’t able to remember me… πŸ˜€