September 2008

One cup of coffee=one sleepless night.
A single semicolon leaves my xml unparsed.
Piling up my headers are scripts and css
Adding to a kilobyte of additional requests.

One sleepless night means waking up so late
Leading to many buggy user interface.
Straighten up. Move thy mouse, Kindly check the logs.
Precautions are necessary. Prepare from being hacked.

Waking up so late gives a whole day of migraine
And a single paracetamol may not ease the pain.
Open up the terminal.  sudo ssh.
Repositories are out-of-date. make an apt-update

Headaches, submitted bugs then a meeting with my boss.
One-on-one analysis, another lunch break lost.
Onclick.submit() does not render $this->form().
Firebug console throws a lot of exception.

One cup of coffee = one sleepless night.
Thank you mighty google, for shedding up some light.
Overdosed on caffeine. A mid-afternoon nap.
Caught by my supervisor. A memo from above.

One cup of coffee? Maybe some other time.
My code throws an error on line 209.
One cup of coffeee? I think, this time i’ll pass.
There’s a missing parameter, i still need to CAST().


I was quite bored with the way things are happening so as a way to pass time, I searched for the blog I once visited (The Things You Don’t See Everyday Blog in blogspot There, i read on amongst the many things i really don’t see everyday. And so, I come across this game about ladies slapping each other really really hard.

It’s like a street fghter game but the only thing you do is slap your opponent, evade her incoming slap and counterattack. It’s kinda freaky game, actually. The ladies are quite scary. They will really, really with nomercy, slap you til you die.

I kinda like the game. Like when I feel a bit mad about something. Like  just to release my angst.

Really. Try the game. Here’s the link.