All my life, I have been searching for the things I want and the place to belong to. I have made decisions that changed my life and affected my way of thinking and I was able to handle them gracefully and lived my life to the fullest. It has been my goal to always be happy in what i do, endure the bad things, encourage challenges and enjoy them afterwards. It is my way of living. I always have questions some of them may not be answered right now, but i do not content myself with not finding the answers.

I am a fan of live and animated series, all of them with one distinguishing theme: To be yourself and do what you want to do.

Though I have been happy in this kind of work, a little part of me is asking if this is what I want to be, and is this where i want to be.

I find myself not being able to answer it for months. I felt that trivial things such as this does not matter much and I have to move forward and so I opted to stay. But this thought has been pounding my head so hard I feel I need to make another decision.

I feel insecure. About leaving, of course, because this may mean there’s no going back. But I have to face this one with my head held high and be able to go on finding the answer to that question. If I make it or don’t, I can still say to myself that it is me that makes my life happen. And I will not stop moving forward.

I hope you could help me by supporting me and wishing me goodluck.