Life has been cruel, I think it is.
For someone sweet and kind.
I think that it’s been unfair
For someone who just loves.

Has reasoned all cause and caused reasons
To hate and curse the world.
Has bottled grief and released all angst
Yet manage to be bold.

Someone has cried so much it hurt
Yet dealt with pain alone.
Given so much, ‘til none is left
Nothing, except its own.

Someone craves for something plain
A care that she deserves.
She yearns for nothing else but love
Love that should long been served.

Life has been cruel, maybe it has
For you who is sweet and kind.
I think it’s been that unjust
For you who just want love.

Have reason to hate and curse the world
Yet you still find a cause
To feel, to hope, to care, to dream
You manage to be that strong.

You cried for years. Still cries ‘til now.
The pain’s too much to bear
You’ve given every bit of you
Leave something to spare

I want to give what you crave for
A gift I can’t just buy.
Want you to have what you deserve
Something worth your smile

Life may’ve been too much, my friend.
Just stay as sweet and as kind.
If you want to cry. Do cry some more.
But don’t get tired to love.

Loving maybe your greatest woe.
But it’s your greatest strength
That’s why you always find a cause
That’s what you are my friend.

You may no longer stop crying
Until pain wears you out.
But no matter how much you cry
Your heart will be as tough.

To dream more. To crave for more.
To love and will to love.
So I ask you to stay as sweet and pure.
And still believe in love.

– September 28, 2008.