Since the mid-sem of 2007 when I decided I won’t continue my MS Physics Degree, (not that I’ve advanced on that course since it was just my first sem.) I became part of the world of Information Technology, specifically on developing web-based applications. 

It’s not much, at the first few weeks on my new world, I studied the basics of web developing then went on actually making applications, studying business systems and how to put them in an (if  else conditions) – like situations, I’ve put up thousands (an exagaration of course) of table definitions having simple to complex relationship of insufferable number of foreign keys. To designing how the UI (gui – pronounced as goowee by mike)  will look like, predicting what stupidity a user might do on a form and to the era of web2.0 – the rich internet application.

From a hopeful (scholar) and researcher, studying the sintering parameters on which a bulk sample of YBCO may or may not lose its ability to superconduct, I became a web developer.

I know, there’s a lot of people like me who pursued a job unrelated to their finished course.. And there’s a lot of people too who keep asking me, why I landed this job.

It’s a mere timing, I guess(and lack of right judgement, stupidity and a bit naivety), a possible career in electronics was offered to me (that would actually bring me to Japan, if you know me, I really wanted to go to that country) right after I was accepted at a humble IT company in UP, so I declined it. After that, I continually declining succeeding offers related to semiconductor industry (both in failure analysis and research & development). Maybe because I was just plain stupid or I feel that UP is still the place I want to be, so I stayed there learning Java – (which used to be ‘only’ a flavor of coffee to me.), SQL, PHP, CSS, and a bit of Javascript.

In all honesty, I enjoy learning. The reason I did not stay much in MS is that, I found myself complaining over and over again about the lack of change in my study habits (and lack of money too!) that I felt that (actually spending my own money for my studies) is not worth it. Besides that I am not that good in Physics. See, in physics you could almost classify people there into two categories: the geniuses (damn them!) and the patient – hardworking ones. And I fall on the second category.  

So I decided to put my ‘hard-working’ attitude on somewhere else since producing research output as fast as what my boyfriend can do is like drinking one whole glass of milk without pooping. 

I am loving my current work now and I feel like I’m in  doing something I like and what I have to (like earning money for real).  

Physics shaped me to become an empowered individual who knows, who can and who does. Working on the other hand, helped me get intact with reality. Become financially independent and responsible and mature enough to deal with a variety of individuals who may or may not think the same way as I do, unlike when you are in a small institute, you (most of the time) have the same wave-lengths same culture almost similar personalities.

Well. i could probably say, I’ve grown up. 😀

(thouhg my height is still 4’11). I am proud that I’ve learned and still learning.