of broken url’s and unresponsive scripts.

of missing parameters to undefined fields.

i pledge this instant noodles and caffeinated drink

and promise to deliver results each week.



of relentless pursuit to build the xml

of data manipulation and complex sql,

i pledge this sanity and contending will

and promise to make full use of my skill.


of function overrides and classes extensions

of custom components and text validations

of absolute layouts and relative dimensions

of invoking event changes and styledeclarations


I pledge this endeavor on system design,

on  extending hours for debugging lines

I pledge this equipped analytical mind

and promise to create assigned modules in time.


I pledge this cheery attitude and enthusiastic drive

to heighten my spirit and keep up my hype.

and promise to conclude the project at hand

and fashion the product to a money for jam.


One cup of coffee=one sleepless night.
A single semicolon leaves my xml unparsed.
Piling up my headers are scripts and css
Adding to a kilobyte of additional requests.

One sleepless night means waking up so late
Leading to many buggy user interface.
Straighten up. Move thy mouse, Kindly check the logs.
Precautions are necessary. Prepare from being hacked.

Waking up so late gives a whole day of migraine
And a single paracetamol may not ease the pain.
Open up the terminal.  sudo ssh.
Repositories are out-of-date. make an apt-update

Headaches, submitted bugs then a meeting with my boss.
One-on-one analysis, another lunch break lost.
Onclick.submit() does not render $this->form().
Firebug console throws a lot of exception.

One cup of coffee = one sleepless night.
Thank you mighty google, for shedding up some light.
Overdosed on caffeine. A mid-afternoon nap.
Caught by my supervisor. A memo from above.

One cup of coffee? Maybe some other time.
My code throws an error on line 209.
One cup of coffeee? I think, this time i’ll pass.
There’s a missing parameter, i still need to CAST().