I have upgraded my ubuntu box from Feisty Fawn to Hardy Heron.

I backed-up my home folder before that and dumped it to the home of newly installed Ubuntu 8.04.

Now, my sticky notes were gone…

After some googling i found out that it is somewhere inside /home/user/.gnome

In my case I found it inside /home/user/.gnome2


gedit stickynote_applet

in terminal

I was able to view my old sticky notes… 😀

you can also try

locate stickynote

in terminal to locate it


I have just upgraded my ubuntu box from ubuntu edgy eft to hardy heron. I always try to keep my trash empty, as it disturbs me seeing it filled with ‘trash’. However, the files in my trash are my backup from the current upgrade and it’s a lot to just manually delete from the trash. and so i opened up my terminal and cd to .Trash so that i could recursively delete the files inside it but it wasn’t on the same location as it was on edgy eft.

After some googling, i found out that it’s now located in


hope this post helps