I am learning the javascript library EXT-JS. Following the examples were easy and straight-forward until I reached the grid and XMLReader.

I had no problems regarding the grid with ArrayReader but everything seemed to fall out of place when trying out the xml-grid.html example. The grid was set-up, alright… but the data is not loaded. It seemed that my xml-grid.html is not working.

I felt stuck…

I am using extjs 2.1 and the examples online runs out smoothly but those in my local computer seemed buggy… I searched and read on threads and blogs for online help but none seem to be figuring out exactly what is wrong, either that or I don’t seem to get what is wrong in what I am doing, until I read these lines I missed in the Tutorial for Beginners in the Ext JS web site.

Note: This example will only run from a web server. The URL in your browser should start with http:// and not file:// or the Ajax transaction will not work! Localhost will work fine, but it must be via http.

This is the note under Using Ajax section. And then it seemed I hit the spot. I was not running my extjs examples inside my localhost server..

So… I guess that’s it. One of those stupid things I got stuck on and phew! I managed to get by. One lesson learned: It is always good to start with tutorials than start learning on your own..