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Last year, I got engaged to my six-year long boyfriend, Michael, a Phd Physics student, and just this May, we tied the knot at Mt. Carmel Parish church witnessed by our family and friends. It was a happy event, of course. It took a lot of our energy just to get through the wedding. What’s with a lot of hand-made articles we tried to include into that occasion.

Crocheted Wedding Garter

Crocheted Wedding Garter

Polymer Clay Momoink for Souvenirs

Polymer Clay Momoink for Souvenirs

Crocheted Bags for Female Principal Sponsors

Crocheted Bags for Female Principal Sponsors

The total number for give aways: 185

The total number for give aways: 185

Crocheted Wedding Chord

Crocheted Wedding Chord

Crocheted Bible Bearer's Pillow

Crocheted Bible Bearer's Pillow

Handmade Wedding Invitation

Handmade Wedding Invitation

And now, barely two months after the wedding, I am entering motherhood. ❤


Living is so heavy. I am not angry, I feel so alone.
Tsukamoto Tenma

But there was nothing I could do.

I’ll struggle, I think.

I decided to have every bit of myself struggle forward without any regrets.

One year, I asked God.

I asked God to let me be free for just one year.

Somehow, someway, I wanted to live my life without any regrets…

I decided that after one year, I would lose all those thoughts and ideas.

But I promised myself one thing…

I promised that I would not fall in love with you.

But I couldn’t keep my promise.

Just looking, it was what I had decided, but I couldn’t do it.

Tsukamoto-san, I love you.

I love you more than anything in this world… (more…)

This was done last december 2007.

It was during those times that all i have was misconception on what DC is. I have this pattern on my computer for a long time.. can’t find the decency of time to sit back and crochet so, it was only during christmas vacation that i paid much attention to it… The author of the pattern copied it from a bedsheet and made it into a skirt… It was my intention.. to make a skirt too, just like this.


However, work (again) took control of my time and i was enthusiastic on finishing a project then… so my hobbies were set aside come new year. It was only late feb 2008 that i remembered some unfinished crochet.

And while i’m doing it, i decided to make a blouse instead.

Daisy Square

And I am so proud of being able to do it

to rachel, pardon me for not being able to follow your pattern.. I wasn’t able to understand it. I only relied on the pictures of the stitches. Thank you for such a wonderful pattern.

I wanted to be an artist..

It was a dream i know i could have but just too afraid to dare try… I’m thinking of the what if’s of my life… If i have pursued what i wanted to be, then where would I be now?
Definitely not in front of my desk, doing system analysis or debugging chunks of codes…

Or maybe, i would still be here doing some system programming… because even though i keep sighing everyday for all the work i have to do..

I enjoy thinking…

and solving…

Maybe that is also the reason why i stayed long in physics…

Because I enjoy what I was doing there…

And so, the dream to become an artist may have encompassed some other heart desires… Artistry is no longer defined just in landscapes or still life(s)…

I am a painter of my own life…

A hug for my beloved

I never had a real formal education about crocheting.. I mean, my mother only taught me of the basic stitches ch (the chain), sc (single crochet) and dc (double crochet).

From then on, i believed i was really doing dc correctly. You know, 2ch = 1 dc. And so i made all of my crochet projects basing on these stitches i know..

When internet has become a regular thing, i am able to browse through sites on different patterns.. Patterns = pictures of finished products, because i really do not understand the abbreviations of stitches so i rely on the pictures of crocheted patterns, and try to do them based on what i know.

Since, i only have time to browse the net for patterns, I copy them to word then print them at home. So when i get home and read the instructions, i got confused.. it’s like speaking greek to me… (:D)

It was only a month ago when i tried to download a book about crochet (and i really read the first few pages about basic stitches) which taught me what a dc really is. The single chain i do is the real dc! Shame on me… D

Imagine all the mistakes i’ve committed on all the patterns i followed… It’s no wonder it felt like i’m missing stitches…

I started crocheting when I was in grade II. My sisters all had their projects about crochet for their Home Economics class and I just can’t wait to try.

My first teacher was my mother who taught me how to make a single chain.

It was fun and it was (I then thought) easy so I asked her to teach me more. And so I learned other basic stitches but I cannot make something pretty and usable… Almost all my first works were circular since I cannot make uniform stitches.

Our neighbor taught me how to make the granny square. It was then I thought that I could make my own patterns and motifs then attach them with another…

Up to now, I enjoy crocheting… It relieves me of tensions and frustrations.. I’ve done several projects before and I have given them to friends and relatives.. I keep my recent ones, though…

The whole compilation wasn’t complete, but here are the ones I drew.

Melchor Hall UP Eng'g Bldg

(Where) Melchor Hall – UP Engineering Building

This is where I first met Rey Jason Limyu, first saw Mark Philip Pancho and first felt the ‘UP spirit’…

Cheers for Marlon, I miss you so!. (I was with marlon then, you see..)


It was the first day for UP-DOST SOEP 2001 (University of the Philippines-Department of Science and Technology Summer Orientation Enrichment Program) and all the new scholars were gathered inside the Theatre of Melchor Hall.

The guy sitting on my right suddenly spoke to me and asked me if i have a pencil. I was so cheeky then that I told him that I do not know him yet and so he must first introduce himself to me. And so he did. Then it was my turn to say my name. After that he asked me again if i have a pencil and I told him I don’t. It was my first conversation with RJ. A day after I saw him at UPIS and he wasn’t able to remember me… 😀